Caribbean Atlantic

The Caribbean of Costa Rica is one of its most authentic areas, will fill you with color, aromas and sounds that will awaken all your senses. Extensive river systems, lowland rainforests close to the coastal areas and huge banana plantations are typical sceneries from the Northern coast until the harbor town of Puerto Limon.

The main attraction is the Tortuguero national park with its densely vegetated waterways.

In comparaison, the Southern Atlantic coast of Costa Rica has been little developed. The most important tourist towns are Cahuita and Puerto Viejo: You have to give yourself the opportunity to visit unique places like Cahuita National Park, walk the beach and the internal trails in an amazing guided hiking. Also the snorkeling tour in Cahuita is one of the most recommended for its famous coral reefs. If the intention is to know the culture in depth, very close to the center is the Kekoldi Indigenous Reserve; there you can share with them and learn from their customs, history and enjoy this interesting Cultural Tour. The horseback riding on the beach is a beautiful way to tour this Caribbean coast and feel the heat not only of the sun but also of its people. There are several animal rescue centers in Puerto Viejo that open their doors so that tourists may have contact with some species during their recovery, such as the Jaguar Rescue Center and the Tree of Life Center, where they house sloths, monkeys and other mammals for rehabilitation.

In the backcountry there is the inaccessible Talamanca Mountain Range from which derives the name of the region. Until the 1970s this area has solely been inhabited by the indigenous tribes of the Bribrí and Cabecar as well as the descendants of the English-speaking, black immigrants from the Caribbean Islands.

The way of life can be described as typical “Caribbean” – relaxed and easy-going; a large part of the black population speaks English as well as Spanish.