About us

The life is a trip

That’s the way Tours On Place Costa Rica was born, after a longer trip of several months around Europe, where our president and founder was visiting different tourism offices and asking to the travel agencies representatives about Costa Rica and how they promote this country daily, learning about the wholesaler needs and how to cover them.

At the moment this foreign visitor was focused in investigating and understanding a little more the market and the culture of this old world.

Was in Hanover, Germany, where a recommended guy said “I would like to sale more tours and activities in Costa Rica, but is not possible because the traveler don’t book this services in advance, they want to be there and see the sunshine to decide what to do, that´s why I sell only hotels and flights”… Brainstorm Immediately took place in a conversation about what is today TOP Costa Rica.

An idea became a goal, we created “Worldwide Tourism Marketing Developer S.A” in November 2016, we named the project “Tours On Place Costa Rica – TOP.cr” the brand which brings all the tours and activities that you can find in Costa Rica at only one click of distance.

Today we are working with a group of professionals in order to be right there where travelers see the sunshine and decide to reserve a tour or activity, actually, through the help of an interactive and high tech online platform.

Because the life is a trip, travelers reserve “in live”…


Making the tours and activities of Costa Rica reachable to everyone, through a technological tool,  trustworthy and user friendly; a virtual travel advisor, that allows the traveler to find that perfect place and activity according to their profile, itinerary and the most important, their feelings.


To be the brand for excellence of all tours & activities of Costa Rica in front of the world, exposing tourist attractions in an integral way, impelling and supporting the efforts of our country brand in alliance with all involved in the tourism sector.

TOP Costa Rica team

“Thank you for choosing and visiting Costa Rica on your vacation”

“Thank you for choosing and visiting Costa Rica on your vacation”

Deyvis Brenes Zúñiga
Founder / CEO

It is common to hear our president say his phrase to travelers, a phrase that shows love and respect for tourism. With over 12 years working in the industry for different international brands such as: Meliá, Hilton, IHG, Occidental Vacations Club, Riu Hotels & Resorts, has developed professional ethics with high standards of quality and service. Also he worked for important local companies with high reputation in the country, which have made to him possible to reach the level of expert in tours and activities of Costa Rica. Although he always reminds us that it is never stopped learning and that this is just the beginning, that in some place in the country is starting a new tour or activity and we have to go and find it out.

“Travel broadens the mind”

“Travel broadens the mind”

Natacha Schwarz
International Sales Director

She started traveling abroad at an early age, always looking for new adventures and cultures. It is not uncommon for her experience that she finished a career in tourism in Strasbourg, France in 2010. Interested in sustainable tourism she decided to volunteer for 6 months in Costa Rica, during which time she particularly enjoyed the culture, the diversified landscapes, the goodness, the simplicity of life, that is called for the Ticos “Pura Vida lifestyle”.
Later, she remains submerged in her travels for more than a year in Central and South America, but finally returns to Costa Rica. Since then she has been living in this beautiful country more than 3 years, always specializing in the tourism industry. Which has taken her to live the touristic tours and activities of each part of the country. Actually she loves to find the perfect product for every need and desire of every type of traveler, as an expert in travels in Costa Rica.

“You do not need magic to disappear, you just need a destination”

“You do not need magic to disappear, you just need a destination”

Yésica de Toro
Product manager

She came from Argentina at the age of 17 and since then lives in love with Costa Rica. She studied Tourism and Hospitality in country and has been working in the industry for more than 12 years. With extensive experience in travel design is motivated every time a tourist is encouraged to meet new destinations. Enjoy reading, exercising in the mornings and spending time with her daughter besides being a lover of good wine.